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AAO ASST. Basketball Training


ASST (pronounced Assist) stands for Advanced Strategic Skills Training.

An assist in basketball is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate that leads directly to a score.

At AAO, we have developed an elite basketball training center to assist players at all levels, elementary to pro, to score big by reaching their full potential.

We teach our Asst. level protocols in a systematic, organized and strategic manner — each lesson builds on the previous. Drills increase in difficulty & intensity as we assist in improving your game.



We are excited to announce our basketball training program IS BACK. Our Advanced Strategic Skills Training (ASST) Program will begin its 3rd year at AAO. ASST Basketball is a premium basketball development training program unlike anything in NWA as far as basketball training goes. This program is setup to “make sense” in your child's basketball development. Our sessions are designed to be strategic in nature. They start with fundamentals and great commitment is made to making sure kids understand those fundamentals and are able to connect the “why and how” drills translate to playing the game of basketball. It is strategic in that kids will train according to a level system. All kids are tested and placed in their appropriate level and train with others that fit in the same level. In addition to the basics of shooting, dribbling, passing and finishing as kids progress through our levels, they work on decision-making as well as offensive and defensive schemes and concepts. Lastly, it is fun. We promote an energetic gym environment and know that kids love being in a high energy gym. The past two years of our new ASST Basketball Pre-Season Training SOLD OUT! With the reviews we received last year, this premium program is in another "sell out" year! Don’t delay and risk missing out on the exciting ASST Basketball Training Program.

Kyle Unruh

Kyle Unruh

AAO Director of Player Development/ AAO Flight General Manager

-Our training environment is unmatched. Our gyms are full of energy, instruction and fun!

-All trainers certified through the ASST trainer certification program

-We are educators who train intelligently, utilizing science, technology & best practices from top trainers in the country.

-Players are individually tested to measure improvement.

-We are mission driven, incorporating character & leadership training for players.

-Every drill develops a skill that's transferable to the game.

-We thrive on seeing results.