In 2009, Arkansas Athletes Outreach (AAO),  in cooperation with Bentonville Basketball Club and  Springdale Basketball Association, formed a basketball development program, the NWA League, including teams from Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale.  This preparatory system places a heavy emphasis on individual basketball skills, fundamentals, and concepts that will be required of student athletes to play on the junior and senior high school level.

The NWA League is a developmental league of school based teams to help prepare players for the competitive play of Junior and Senior High School basketball.  Our goal is to teach players "how to play".  League team coaches, under the guidance of their community High School Coaches, instill important basketball fundamentals, skills and concepts that are crucial to their future success at the next level.  

AAO works together with Bentonville Basketball Club, Springdale Basketball Association, Rogers, private and county school coaches to provide the best in player development.   Coaches also work to help instill the qualities of hard work, team work, responsibility, perseverance, excellence, gratitude, and empathy in the student athletes.  The power of sports is utilized to transform lives beyond the court.

We are especially grateful to all the coaches who invest time, talent and resources to teach and mentor our kids! Thanks, all, for another great season!