AAO Basketball Training

Fall Group Training
Grades 3-6
Boys & Girls

September - October

Are you focused on getting ready for the upcoming basketball season?  Our gyms are full of energy, instruction and fun! Our drills are designed to elevate mastery and all of our trainers are certified. If you play multiple sports or if basketball is your primary sport... we have a program to fit your schedule.

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Group Training

Winter NWA League Player Training:
November - December

Winter is when most players are in season and consumed with team practices.  Many players start seeing a decline in shooting percentages and personal skill development.  Why...because most of their practice time is devoted to team concepts.  Our Winter training places an emphasis on shooting and ball handling to keep your skills well-tuned throughout the your team's season.

Training is all about getting better. Our program is designed to help you achieve your season goals.  We get busy on shooting, attacking, separation moves and then progress to decision making skills.  Each lesson builds on the previous.  Drills increase in difficulty & intensity.  We have fun and promote an energetic gym environment!